The green surroundings of Remiremont are perfect for outdoor activities. The mountains and hills, the woods, the water and the beautiful skies: all those elements make the Vosges mountains to an area for “the Great outdoor”. Already in the beginning of the 20th century  the “Club Vosgien” was active with marking hiking trails. Over the years more than 4000 km of walking trails were constructed and maintained.

Small country roads, winding through the countryside with little or no traffic invite you to explore the area by car. Along the way a small town, a walk or a small cafe!

The possibilities for cyclists are almost limitless:  easy biking on flat tracks along the Moselle-river or perform like Chris Froome through the mountain area of the Grand Ballons.

And what is more tempting than relax in the monumental baths of Plombieres-les-Bains? Or enjoy an afternoon in Villa Moncoeurs own swimming poole and sauna!